concert 5TA HUDIH

In May 2013, Glasilka organised a concert of Big Foot Mama, the biggest rock group in Slovenia, in Križanke outdoor theatre. In addition to organising the concert, we were responsible for public relations.

5TA HUDIH concept was presented at a press conference in Lepa Žoga bar. The visitors were treated to a special event – instead of VIP music guests and opening acts like in Križanke, Big Foot Mama performed with their fans, five young musicians who were selected via an open call.

Big Foot Mama is the most popular rock group in Slovenia. They have topped music charts ever since they first formed in 1990. Their albums have gone gold and platinum, and they have been nominated for Zlati petelin (‘Golden Cockerel’) music awards three times, as well of for the Viktor award for the best band. They have recorded seven studio albums, and, judging from how energetically they perform, they do no plan to stop anytime soon.