DANIEL VEZOJA – promotion of the album

We organised the promotion of Where The Lights Reside, the first album of the young signer-songwriter Daniel Vezoja. The promotional concert took place in Pinelina dnevna soba, an exclusive and private small venue known for bringing in the best musicians in the world, where he was joined by music friends.

Daniel Vezoja is a Slovenian singer-songwriter, who authored a solo acoustic project after his formed band, the TrainStation, disbanded. Since the publication of his first album, he has performed at many concerts in Slovenia and abroad.

  • Client: Daniel Vezoja
  • Time: autumn 2016, winter 2017
  • Location: Pinelina dnevna soba, Ljubljana
  • Glasilka: Public relations
  • Selected publications: SIGIC, 24ur.com, Delo, Mladina