KALU – release of his solo debut and a concert tour with The Gradient

We were responsible for the promotion of the first studio album by visual artist and musician Luka Uršič aka. Kalu. The album was released digitally and on vinyl by Stiropor. After the release we booked the band a concert tour.


Listen to the album  https://stiropor.bandcamp.com/album/get-well-soon



Luka Uršič is an acomplished artist in several disciplines, but for the last couple of years his main artistic focus is music. As a keyboardist and occasional singer he played in bands like Your Gay Thought and Lo-hi-fi. He supported the Slovenian singer Polona Kasal on stage, made several projects with the multidisciplinary artist Jaša, and worked with pianist Bowrain and musician Katja Šulc.

Get Well Soon is his first solo studio effort, which was created slowly and pedantic, in a long process of learning. It’s a succesfull mixture of club pieces, experimental arrangments, while still flirting with conventional song forms. The album is rich in texture, warm and remarkably human, ranging from nu soul and art pop all the way to bass music, brokenbeat and downtempo.

In the last phase the album was formed collectively, as KALU was joined by a collective of musicians The Gradient. They jammed and improvised in the groove of funk, soul and r’b’b, which enriched the album with a band vibe.