Pero Lovšin, a concert in Gallus Hall of Cankar Cultural and Congress Centre and the promotion of his new album, Območje medveda

On 27 March 2017, we organised a big concert of Peter Lovšin in Cankar Cultural and Congress Centre to mark 40 years of his career in the music industry. On this occasion, Območje medveda, his tenth studio album was published. We provided all the public relation services for the promotion of the album and the concert itself..


Peter Lovšin is a music legend in Slovenia, where he has performed for over 40 years. He started in 1977, when he formed Pankrti, one of the most popular and acclaimed Slovenian punk groups, together with the sociologist Gregor Tomc. After the band split in 1987, he went on to form his own successful rock band called Sokoli. In 1992, he started a solo career. He has recorded over thirty albums. In 2014 he was named among the 10 best rock signers in Slovenia. His contribution to the Slovenian music scene is unparalleled, and he has authored over fifty the most popular Slovenian music hits.

  • Client: Glasilka, Peter Lovšin
  • Time: 27. marec 2017
  • Location: Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
  • Glasilka: Organisation, public relations
  • Selected publications: MMC RTV Slovenija, Dnevnik,, Si21