PRISMOJENI PROFESORJI BLUESA – release of their third studio album Prismojeni? and a double concert in CUK Kino Šiška

In collaboration with Nika records we took care of promotion of the band’s third studio album. Following the release we organized and advertised their double concert in CUK Kino Šiška. The concert was filmed by RTV Slovenia. We also provide additional concert booking for the band.


Have a listen:

Slej al prej

El Paradiso

Live from Mostar



Prismojeni profesorji bluesa are without a doubt one of the most prominent Slovenian bands of the last decade. The backbone of their music is formed around their deep understanding of blues , r&b and rock, but they never stop exploring the boundaries of their artistic expression. Among others they incorporate funk, psychedelic sounds, contry melodies and soul.

They have proved time and time again, that they are masters of live performances, which are the core of their musical endeavour. It is when their instrumental craftsmanship and relaxed playfulness as well as their sense of humour shines the most. They released two studio albums, Family (2016) and Wacky Blues Professors (2018) and Live in Križanke (2017), a concert record from Križanke. They also left their mark in USA, where they had a succesful three-month tour, and across Europe.

Client: Prismojeni profesorji bluesa
Time: 2020
Location: Slovenia
Glasilka: Concert organization, booking, public relations
Selected publications: 24 UR, VAL 202