Sinkopa performance

In 2016, we were responsible for promoting Sinkopa dance performance.

Sinkopa performance is an artistic and scientific project, a collaboration between flamenco dance Ana Pandur and musicians Mauricio Valdesa and Jure Pohleven. The dance and musical performance premiered in Ljubljana Dance Theatre. A performance, which is a bit out-of-the ordinary, attracted wide critical acclaim.

Ana Pandur, a dancer with a degree in Spanish and philosophy, began studying the flamenco as an undergraduate student. Between 2002 and 2004 she studied flamenco at Amor de Dios academy in Madrid under Mercha Esmeralda. After returning to Slovenia, she founded Flamenko cultural society, which is the main organisation for developing, promoting and providing training in flamenco in Slovenia. She regularly collaborates with international (Jose Torres Vicente, Leonor Lea) and Slovenian musicians (Mia Žnidarič, Vesna Zornik, Matjaž Stošić, Damir Mazrek, Nino Mureškič, Robert Jukič), dancers and choreographers (Maša Kagao Knez, Rosana Hribar & Gregor Luštek). She is part of the Vita Marenčeta’s flamenco group, which performs at many national and international festivals. She has worked as a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher in Slovenia and abroad, and made feature performances.