Street Explosion – Back to the Roots

The year 2014 saw Street Explosion – Back to the Roots festival of urban culture spring back to life in Cvetličarna club after a hiatus of 12 years. The event was organised by Glasilka and featured prominent hip hop groups and DJs from former Yugoslavia, including Edo Maajka, Klemen Klemen, General Woo, Bad Copy, Kiša Metaka, Don’t Make New People and Yugovinil.


Street Explosion urban culture movement was active between 1999 and 2003. Their events has a diverse programme featuring music, break dance, video animation, graffiti art, installations and other art genres, sometime introducing revolutionary styles to Slovenia. The first Street Explosion festival, which took place in 1999, launched the careers of bands and individuals such as Elvis Jackson, Srečna mladina, Cancel, Not the same, Klon art (….), DJ K pow, DJ Dado and Digital Boyz, which are now considered household names.

  • Client: Glasilka
  • Time: 14. March 2014
  • Location: Ljubljana, Cvetličarna
  • Glasilka: Organisation, public relations
  • Selected publications:, Rockonnet, Dnevnik, Delo